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from dowry to collection of previous jewelry boxes of past life

the makeup box is an ancient chinese woman's name for jewelry boxes. for thousands of years, every time a woman gets married, she always gives a rich dowry to her. jewelry box is indispensable. with the development of the times, jewelry boxes gradually fade out of history, down the stage, toward the collection, where she demonstrated the glory and glory.
the toilet is a tool for the most early in the warring states period has been produced and spread, has been extended to the ming and qing dynasties, has a very long history. china traditional creation pursuit "to" moral conception, a represents the development of aesthetic taste and value orientation in different times and different classes, is an important part of traditional culture chinese
in the warring states period, for the lacquer portion, to enjoy the fame is noble. after the tang and song dynasties change into civilian society, people in the pursuit of exquisite artifacts at the same time, pay more attention to the practicality of artifacts, which makes chinese multi set lian lian paint once flourished, suitable for living on the ground gradually evolved into a suitable pedal sitting. with the great development of the ming dynasty style furniture, dowry became large dresser and portable dressing box.
have a great relationship with the change of the change of a sitting posture. the small lacquered cosmetic is suitable for sat on the floor age, sitting posture pedal in song dynasty was established finally, indoor furniture is gradually increased, a large dresser also began to enter people's vision.
china furniture has a great development in the ming and qing dynasties, the precious wood such as red sandalwood, pear production trousseaux. design a dowry for inheriting the folded dressing box, compact, easy to carry, open the upper cover, a mirror, a plurality of storage box built-in toiletries small drawer.