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hot stamping process in our country's packaging carton technology has been sought after

more and more use of stamping, there are ordinary hot stamping, cold stamping, concave and convex stamping and holographic hot stamping and so on. commonly used ordinary stamping process has flat, hot stamping and round flat stamping. because round flat stamping for line contact, with a wide range of hot stamping substrate, suitable for large area stamping, stamping, high precision characteristics, widely used.
cold stamping: there is no need to use a heated metal plate, but the use of printing adhesive method of transfer of metal foil. the cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency. it is a promising new process.
hot embossing (also known as three-dimensional printing): female mold and male mold using modern production with engraving technology, hot stamping and embossing process once completed, improve production efficiency. the mould made by electric engraving can be curved surface transition, and the stereo relief effect of the mould made by general corrosion method is difficult to realize. the appearance of concave and convex stamping makes the process of stamping and pressing concave and convex at the same time, reducing the process and the waste due to the overprinter.
holographic logo: the use of computer technology to change the amplitude and frequency of the grating, so that the effect of the color of the pattern than the more vivid, clearer. if the holographic mark is used as a copy of the original copy, a large amount of holographic loss will be generated, thus achieving the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. according to the characteristics of holographic marking, it can be divided into continuous holographic mark, hot stamping and independent holographic mark stamping. continuous holographic mark stamping is an ordinary laser holographic hot stamping products. the independent holographic mark stamping is a holographic logo made of anodized aluminum, each with an alignment mark beside each pattern.
holographic identification not only can have very good anti-counterfeiting performance, but also can be in accordance with customer needs, special numbers or words to achieve holographic logo. holographic logo stamping to the packaging carton, not only to holographic logo hot stamping to the surface of the substrate, but also has a high overprinter accuracy, in high-grade carton packaging on the application of more and more widely. source (china packaging network)