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detailed interpretation: the box surface finishing technology of printed products

1. glazing
glazing can not only enhance the surface brightness, protect printing, but also does not affect the recycling and reuse of paper. it can save resources and protect the environment. the surface finishing is widely used in carton packaging [encyclopedia]. coating mainly includes solvent, polishing oil, water-based polishing oil, uv polishing oil and so on. due to the poor performance of solvent varnish, and it is not conducive to environmental protection, the range of application is greatly limited.
(1) glazing;
the water in the water as solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, eliminates the harm to human health and environmental pollution, high drying speed, film good transparency, stable performance, good flatness and surface polishing finishing suitable width, sealing performance, safe and reliable use etc.. it is more and more valued by food, medicine and tobacco carton packaging and printing enterprises.
uv glazing relies on ultraviolet radiation to make chemical reactions inside the uv coating and complete the curing process.
due to the role of ultraviolet light, uv glazing instantly dry, curing solvent evaporation does not exist, will not cause pollution of the environment. the use of uv gloss printing products, high surface gloss, heat resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, light resistance. but because of the high price of uv varnish, the machine performance requirements are high, so it is only used for high-grade carton glazing.
(2) glazing
single machine glazing
using a dedicated machine or the calender finish box polishing process.
online glazing
printing, glazing, once completed. the utility model has the characteristics of high speed and high efficiency, and reduces the trouble caused by the loss of the printed matter caused by the turnover of semi-finished products. the printing machine can be used to damp the device or inking device to carry out the glazing, or the printing machine can be used on an independent polishing machine for on-line glazing. the use of glazing glazing unit production, high efficiency, stable polishing quality, glazing unit is controlled by a printing machine center for monitoring and control, such as a photosensitive resin version of the transverse and circumferential alignment adjustment, diagonal register regulation etc.. the online glazing device can be used for uniform glazing of the entire surface or local text of the carton. glazing can be used either blanket or flexible version of the fine local glazing; both water glazing, uv glazing can also be carried out. online glazing device can be divided into roller polishing device and scraper glazing device two.
roller glazing
the varnish is transferred to the surface of the carton by roller coater. the amount and pressure of the glazing unit are controlled by the printing machine control center. the polishing liquid supply agencies like heidelberg [space] product news printing machine polishing device can control the whole process of polishing liquid supply, polishing liquid by electronic double diaphragm pump from the liquid storage tank through the hose to the polishing liquid bucket after pumping. the liquid level and the circulation of the varnish are monitored by the potentiometer to ensure the uniform supply of the polishing liquid. the ultrasonic monitor can monitor the amount of polishing liquid at any time. roll type glazing device gao baoli will reach 105 offset press, as the two roller system when running, also can be used as the three roller reverse operation system. in the two roll rotary work along time, the metering roller is disengaged, to adjust the coating amount through the polishing liquid bucket roll and liquid pressure between the rolls, simple structure. the three roller reverse operation work, glazing cylinder and liquid bucket roll reverse operation, can obtain good brightness of polish film: at the same time in the use of high viscosity liquid on, without too much of the increase between the rollers pressure to achieve the purpose of thin and uniform coating. this roller polishing device has the characteristics of transmission line, short contact points are less, the polishing liquid is not easy to dry, the polishing liquid transfer is uniform and simple and convenient operation etc..
scraper glazing
a closed squeegee system is composed of a ceramic anilox roller, a closed squeegee, and a flexible resin coated roller. the main advantages of ceramic roller by choosing different, precisely to the quantity needed to complete coating coating, saving varnish; features quick change anilox roller, coating and surface coating, the whole device version of local glazing function. the utility model is composed of two scraping blades and a measuring ceramic anilox roller, wherein the upper and lower scraper and the anilox roller form a closed box type structure, and the glazing liquid is pumped in through a pipeline. the scraper type polishing device has the characteristics of uniform and constant light, high quality, good effect, good environmental protection, economy, easy realization, high speed glazing, etc.. and can adapt to the carton surface of gold, silver glazing, glazing coating can achieve a high degree of wear resistance.
2. hot stamping
in the fierce competition in the market, in order to increase the added value of products, and more effectively carry out packaging anti-counterfeiting, more and more packaging cartons using hot stamping process. hot stamping with ordinary stamping, cold stamping, concave and convex stamping and holographic hot stamping and so on. commonly used ordinary stamping process has flat, hot stamping and round flat stamping. because round flat stamping for line contact, with a wide range of hot stamping substrate, suitable for large area stamping, stamping, high precision characteristics, widely used.
(1) leng tangyin
instead of using a heated metal plate, the metal foil is transferred by means of a printing binder. the cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency. it is a promising new process.
(2) concave convex stamping (also known as three-dimensional stamping)
female mold and male mold using modern production with engraving technology, hot stamping and embossing process once completed, improve production efficiency. the mould made by electric engraving can be curved surface transition, and the stereo relief effect of the mould made by general corrosion method is difficult to realize.