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some problems needing attention in carton die cutting

die cutter
die cutter according to the form can be divided into short feng knife, one side short feng knife, peak knife, single peak knife four types. the type of material for cutting the four types of different short front knife is mainly used for processing of ordinary cardboard, single-sided short front knife is mainly used for processing of fiber materials, high sharp knife is mainly used for processing corrugated cardboard, leather and plastic, single high sharp knife is mainly used for processing of eva and sponge.
die cutter selection is improper, not only will cause paper a box die cutting bad, such as cutting edge exist burr, dust, etc., will also make the process of repeated replacement of die-cutting knife, reduce production efficiency. under normal circumstances, for carton cutting die cutter height of 23.8mm, the thickness of 0.71mm. if you need special parts cutting, a targeted selection of cutting knife type.
at present, the industry widely used carton cutter brand, mainly in sweden's sandvik, austria's bohler, japan's tsukatani, and taiwan's sanli and so on. for the requirement of high quality, mass production, the need for repeated printed work, suggested the use of imported cutting knife excellent performance; quality requirements for low production, small batch, mainly used for proofing work, can choose domestic die-cutting knife at low cost.
two. sponge strip
according to the different hardness, sponge is generally divided into low, medium and high grade applications each grade sponge is different, such as the hardness of 30 ~ 45 shore hardness sponge rubber strip suitable for quantitative under 300g/m2 light paper, hardness of 45 ~ 60 shore hardness of sponge rubber applies to the corrugated cardboard and quantitative higher than the 300g/m2 of the white cardboard, hardness 60 ~ 75 sponge hardness is mainly used for cutting edge easily roughed.
in the installation of sponge also needs to pay attention to some details, such as a sponge rubber strip is close to the cutting knife blade, this is because in the process of cutting sponge strip will be compressed when the top surface to the cutting blade, will produce an outward force of cutting knives, paper cutting edge serrated lead like. therefore, there are gaps between the sponge and the cutting knife body 2 ~ 3mm.
three. impression die
a suitable indentation die is also very important. when choosing an indentation die, we should pay close attention to its size precision, bottom paper hardness and paste fastness. at present, cito impression die is used more in the market. in addition, for the different thickness of the paper, the size of the selected indentation die specifications are different.
four. paper
many people believe that through the die cutting to get good processing effect of paper is not difficult, and often ignore the internal details of the paper. each paper has different fiber structure, deformation resistant strength, surface coating quality, therefore, we in the selection of paper carton, first of all, to ensure that it has good resistance, in case not covered, it is not easy to burst line phenomenon, and when bending the surface the coating does not produce serious cracks; secondly, the same kind of paper per unit area of the thickness shall be stable and consistent, and the thickness error between the paper should be kept within less than 5 m, otherwise it is very easy to cause the problem of cutting penetration, low production efficiency, especially for some recycling processing paper; in addition the deformation degree of paper carton, the cutting quality has direct effect, once the paper will lead to deformation, die-cutting bits are not allowed to produce a lot of waste.
conditional paper packaging printing enterprises through the incoming inspection, the details of warping to the carton to the category of quality control.
five. fine operation
in cutting a new batch of work before, operators need to first floor die-cutting machine is clean, because the bottom surface may exist in the process before the residual adhesive. in addition, the operating personnel in cutting pressure adjustment, need to gradually increase from small to large, if the one-time cutting pressure, the cutting knife and the floor is damaged, serious damage of die-cutting machine.
for the same number of parts by different operators to get different cutting effect. therefore, in daily production, operators need to follow the standardized operating standards to implement, and at the same time, departments should maintain good communication and exchange experience. (source: china packaging network)